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The Three Sisters

Posted on February 27th, by amoeboar in classes, spatial media. No Comments

I wanted to continue to experiment with computer vision and motion detection. I used TSPS to track blobs and openFrameworks to draw and rotate meshes.

The idea is inspired by Karolina Sobecka’s installation It’s You.

My interpretation is based on Anton Chekhov’s “The Three Sisters.”

What I learned from making this is how difficult it is to achieve the “many to many” effect. Isolating each face to respond to a specific person is difficult, as the faces would often get confused. When only one person is in the space the result is much more effective. I need to tweak the algorithm for blob detection a little bit, but overall I’m glad to have gotten my feet wet into this kind of interaction.

Here is the video documentation:

[gn_media url="" width="600" height="400"]

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