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Sound + Motion

Posted on November 13th, by amoeboar in classes, cookingwithsound. No Comments

The high-level concept is to create an immersive and interactive soundscape whereby participators use their bodies to trigger audio cues in an empty room. There are two ways this project can evolve:

1. An interactive “sound simulator” that activates by waving arms, moving legs and changing your position. This can be musical, ephemeral or visceral, and can be adjusted depending on the shape and/or size of the space and the type of experience intended to be offered. The key characteristics of this implementation are fun, exhibitionism, and free-form expression through movement.

2. A storrytelling mechanism whereby the participator is “guided” towards areas of the space, triggering events such as sounds, lights and prompts which continue the story. Key characteristics of this implementation are ambiance and narrative, and key concepts deal with memory, ghosts and dreams.

Either way, the technological requirements are the same: a two-dimensional array of ultrasonic sensors placed on the walls will read a person’s position relative to the transducers, feed location data to software which will trigger the sounds to be relayed. The user ideally gets immediate feedback of their movements that encourages him or her to explore the space with his or her body.

The main purpose of this experiment is to use sound to occupy a room, and furthermore to use sound (via ultrasonic waves, exploring the acoustic phenomenon of reflection) to create triggers for other sounds. There are ways to adress these challenges using computer vision techniques, but the idea is to create an immersive soundscape relying on the phenomenon of sound wave reflection off of moving objects.

Inspiration: Janet Cardiff’s The Murder of Crows

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