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Projection Mapping Resources

Posted on February 27th, by amoeboar in classes, spatial media. No Comments

Stand-alone tools

Tools to use with openFrameworks

  • ofxSimpleProjectionMapper:
    * A quad-based simple projection mapper
    * Brett’s fork of pkmProjectionMapper; will be rolling in some old LAB tools into this soon!
    * Couple of examples in the Week 5 folder
  • ofxMapamok:
    * The openFrameworks addon version of ofxMapamok. Definitely in its infancy, but already very powerful
    * Couple of examples in the Week 5 folder
  • ofxProjectorBlend:
    * Using more than one projector? Do they need to overlap? You’re going to need this addon.
  • Syphon:
    * Syphon is amazing. It allows two or more apps to share image data at full frame rates.
    * Use Syphon to create complex visuals in one app and pull them into one of the warping tools noted above!
  • ProCamToolkit:
    * The repository Mapamok is part of. A ton of amazing camera/projector calibration tools.
  • ofxCameraLucida:
    * The holy grail: live projection mapping on 3D (Kinect) input.

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