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[gn_pullquote align="right"]A survey on various front end frameworks for creative coding, including Processing, Cinder and OpenFrameworks

Some tips to make your code-writing life easier

Learnable Programming[/gn_pullquote]


Lesson 1: Drawing (Navigating the IDE, Drawing Basic Shapes, Shape Properties, Color)

Lesson 2: Variables and Loops (Data Types, Operators, Arithmetic Math, the for() loop)

Lesson 3: Response (The setup() and draw() functions, pmouse, Easing, Mapping, if() Statements, mousePressed, Type)

Lesson 4: Media (PImage(), loadImage(), Loading Fonts, Shapes, Simple Strings)

Lesson 5: Motion (Speed and Direction, random(), constrain(), Timers, sin() and cos(), pushMatrix(), popMatrix(), Translations, Rotation and Transformation)

Lesson 6: Functions (Functions, Parameters, Return Values)

Lesson 7: Objects

Lesson 8: Arrays