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Jesus Machine

Posted on September 6th, by amoeboar in classes, pcomp. No Comments

In today’s physical computing class, we started thinking about our sensory experiences, and were asked to begin thinking about our bodies and how they relate to our designs. We were asked to consider space, sound, and in the case of our favorite cheeses, texture. It will be important for us to begin thinking in terms of how our bodies play a role in our daily experiences, and how we can use technology to enhance, rather than inhibit, these experiences.

We were asked to design a fantasy device. My group selected the theoretical hybrid of a teleporter/multiplier/transmogrifier. In an effort to limit the scope of this project, we set the machine’s interface to be able to handle three basic functions: “multiply bread”, “multiply fish”, and “turn water into wine.” This became our “Jesus Machine,” which slices and dices through hunger, leprosy and sin. Unfortunately, there was no “raise from the dead” function, but we expect that after initial prototyping we should be set to include this feature.

Each of the three functions is built into the device, so it knows what to look for. If it doesn’t find bread or a fish to multiply, or water to turn into wine, it does not know what to do with it, and error is called, and user interference is required. The parameters are set before the operation is initialized, the item you want altered is placed into a bin, and activating the machine (by pressing “Go” or something), sends the resulting item or items to a warehouse. Here, an array of bins is set up, and a bin may or may not be populated with an item depending on the parameters you set beforehand.

It’s brilliant. We will end world hunger and have one hell of a party. Sponsors are breathing down our necks. Get yours today.

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