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Drawing Machine Research

Posted on October 10th, by amoeboar in classes, pcomp. No Comments

My group is making a drawing machine. We will need to take extra care to ensure an element of interactivity for this project. So far, we have worked a bit of interactivity into our project as a proof-of-concept. Maria Paula wrote an excellent Processing sketch that demonstrates this.

On the software side, it will be beneficial for us to understand how the kinds of images we are trying to create are drawn. There is complex math behind them, but the illustrations below show us how mechanically intuitive they are, even if the formulae for creating them are difficult to understand. In any event, these types of functions are easily programmable, so having the formulae nearby will be useful.









Some inspiration for Drawing Machines:

How to build a Harmonograph


The Rose Engine uses Motors + Gears


[gn_media url="" width="600" height="400"]

The Polargraph uses Motors + Gravity


Concept: 3D Drawing Machine


Concept: Magnetic Drawing Machine (Uses Iron Fillings)


[gn_media url="" width="600" height="400"]

Concept: Time Print Machine (Depends on duration of the marker’s contact with paper)


[gn_media url="" width="600" height="400"]

Hand Gesture Drawing Device


[gn_media url="" width="600" height="400"]

Concept: Paintball Gun Drawing Machine

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