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Color Organ Concept

Posted on November 16th, by amoeboar in classes, pcomp. No Comments

The high-level concept for my PComp Final is to create a sound generator/color organ through interaction with silicone blobs in the shape of jellyfish. Each of these blobs will light up when slapped, smacked or otherwise jiggled and will pulse and glow in accordance with their jiggling.

Each jellyfish will be in a category of a few sizes, and will glow and create noise depending on this size: the large blue ones will respond to lower frequencies, the white ones to the mid-range frequencies, and small pink ones to the higher frequencies. Each jellyfish will represent a different sound, so while they pulse and fade away after being interacted with, a musical symphony is created. Ideally, the jellyfish will respond in such a way that if they are hit hard enough, their nearest neighbors will also be affected, though this may prove to be a logic challenge. In their idle state, they will pulse gently.

The sensor readings will come from FSRs built with conductive foam and copper tape, and they will make up the base for these jellyfish. The analog data will be sent to Arduino and TLC5940 chip for for each jellyfish for PWMing LED outputs. The result will be tactile and highly interactive, and should hopefully be beautiful, hypnotic and fun.

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