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Emotional Design

Posted on September 16th, by amoeboar in classes, pcomp. No Comments

Norman, Attractive Things Work Better
Norman makes the argument that attractive things work better, because an object’s usability is closely tied into our experiences with it. Read more

What is Physical Interaction?

Posted on September 11th, by amoeboar in classes, pcomp. No Comments

Before getting into a description of how tools define our user experiences, Brett Victor first defines a tool with the following: “a tool addresses human needs by amplifying human capabilities.” This is a good defnition, because Victor argues that a tool essentially “converts what we can do into what we want to do.” Instead of talking about needs or technology, Victor instead opts to talk about the oft-neglected element in his definition: human capabilities. Read more

Jesus Machine

Posted on September 6th, by amoeboar in classes, pcomp. No Comments

In today’s physical computing class, we started thinking about our sensory experiences, and were asked to begin thinking about our bodies and how they relate to our designs. Read more